Estate Planning

Helping to Ensure Your Intentions Are Realized in Full

At some point in time, we all think about what will happen when we are gone. Estate planning is the concept of looking at that issue in a rational and caring way. Passing our assets to family, friends, institutions, or charities is one way of allowing others to utilize that which we have accomplished in our lifetime. Intergenerational estate planning is a subject that is near and dear to most of us. Perhaps no issue in financial planning is as emotional, or as complex, as estate planning.
Are you concerned about how your children and/or grandchildren will receive what you worked so hard to accumulate? At Commonwealth, we will carefully review with you your objectives and goals, will, trusts, directives, and other documents that will form your estate plan. Working in conjunction with your estate attorney, we will help you determine how and where you would like your estate to pass and gently guide you through the decisions that will ensure your wishes are carried out.

Wealth Preservation and Transfer Strategies
We will take a proactive approach to ensure that your assets pass on in the most effective and least tax-burdened way possible. By focusing on wealth preservation and wealth transfer strategies, we can help you maximize the estate you pass on by helping reduce costs and taxes and providing necessary liquidity.
We have the expertise to help you with:

  • Estate and liquidity planning
  • Income replacement
  • Revocable and irrevocable trust planning
  • Intrafamily wealth transfers and gifting
  • Estate freeze techniques 

We also consider charitable giving techniques and various types of charitable trusts, including those that can provide income during retirement years; we look at tax implications and how they may affect your plans. Working closely with your estate attorney and accountant, we review tax laws and regulations to help ensure your estate plan still is compliant and up-to-date. We also can refer you to independent trustees for your will to provide continuity for the estate process.

Because we understand how difficult this planning can be, we want to be the advisor you trust to make these tasks easier and to put your mind at ease that you have protected your estate and provided for those you care about.